Features & Benefits

LONG DESIGN LIFE 20 years design life(25);

MAINTENANCE-FREE There is no need to replenish with water thanks to the unique gas recombination system which totally transforms the generated gas into water;

GAS PRESSURE VENTING SYSTEM Designed to release excessive gas and reseal automatically in the event gas pressure rise to a level above the normal rate ,Thus,there is no excessive gas build up in the battery;

SAFETY No electrolyte leakage will occur from terminals or case of any HGXL Batteries ensuring Safe and efficient operation;

NO FREE ACID – The special electrolyte retentive separators firmly hod the acid and thus there is no free.Acid inside the battery, and therefore the battery can be mounted in any position;

EXPLOSION-PROOF – A safety valve and a special filter prevent the chance of battery explosion and ensure complete Safe in normal use;

LESS SELF-DISCHARGING – PbCaSn alloy for plate grids: less gassing, less self-discharging